• Macrodroid ideas

    Macrodroid ideas

    Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far! A little new to Macro Droid. What needs to be specified in each to do what you are discussing? Thom likes this. AZgl Extreme Android User. Yes, when discussing macros, it is important that for each post that is added to a thread, the reason for that macro needs to be posted along with the macro items.

    I am a long time MacroDroid fanatic, and each time someone posts up a need for help, or presents their way of using it, I learn something new. Trying to provide answers to those who are asking makes me learn new things, because what they want to do, I have no need for, so I don't experiment with every possible way of using MacroDroid. IMO, that is an astronomical task and actually quite useless. I think the guy who wrote MacroDroid just about has to live in the loony bin by now.

    PitCarver and entropy5 like this. I'm now playing around with the shake trigger versus the proximity sensor so it doesn't wake up the screen when I put the phone into my pocket. I'm also firing the clear logs 3am macro found under Templates. Then I want to create a macro to auto send an SMS reply to incoming while driving enabled by a home screen icon.

    I have a flip case on my note 4 with 2 macros that turn the screen on when I open it, and off when I close it. Also it re-wakes the screen after timeout with the case open by waving over the prox. Without the case, it works fine off in pockets, on out of pocket too. I added some time delays so that accidental offs dont happen. I can send these to anyone who is interested. PitCarver Android Expert.Looking for some Android customization ideas to tweak your smartphone?

    Then, you are at right place. Because in this article we are going to discuss some top basic Android customization ideas options to modify your device. The biggest advantage of Android platform is its versatility. You can modify or tweak Android device settings from top to bottom in its looks and performance — for the most part; you just have to choose some right apps.

    In our future posts, you will see a ton of customization ideas by using some unique apps to tweak Android devices. Because in Android, you get zillions of replacement option for your default launcher in Personalization category of Google Play. Launchers are kinda themes that will customize overall appearance of UI of your smartphone.

    Changing or trying new launchers are usually the first Android tweak every newbie do when they first hands on an Android device. Apart from changing the whole look of the device, there are also some launchers available in the market that can provide more performance upgrade and fluid user experience.

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    Sure, widgets will drain your battery but it also makes your device easy to access certain functions. Why that ordinary lock screen? Try something more stylish because let make intruders appreciate your device looks while trying to break-in.

    Most times the look simple and same on all devices. So head on to Google Play and search for lock screens to find some stylish and more advanced lock screens for your Android device. Okay, I know you can simply get cool wallpapers from Google images. But the question is how cool and stylish are they? There are also some tools to set animated GIFs as wallpapers. Make your Android smartphone, even more, smarter by automating most of the task. Yes, there are some apps like Tasker or MacroDroid to do this.

    With this apps, you can automate functions from settings to SMS according to different triggers you set. Also, remember for non-rooted Android phones automation is limited to a certain extent compared to rooted devices. Do you know there are some firewall apps available in Googe Play to restrict the use of mobile data in every app you installed.

    In this way, you can control your mobile data usage more efficiently.

    macrodroid ideas

    With this firewall app, you can also block ads in free version apps you installed by simply disabling network usage in that particular app. How you manage the usage of RAM and internal storage? Because people who use budget Android smartphones always struggle to regulate the use of RAM and internal storage.

    Macrodroid question

    Sometimes they have to uninstall their favorite apps to install new ones from Google Play to free up some space. Also, with these apps, you can free up some internal memory by clearing junk files. There are many ways to save battery life in Android smartphone without installing any battery saver apps. There are also some battery saver or battery optimizer apps in Google Play to control draining of battery in more advanced way. Some of these apps require root permission to work effectively.

    Who likes a laggy, slow Android smartphone? We always upheld performance of our device.

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    We want our smartphone to be perfect and perform well in every situation.Tasker is the king of automation when it comes to Android but it is incredibly hard to learn. MacroDroid is an app that simplifies things while keeping the functionality on spot. To this day I have never gotten a single task to work properly with the thing.

    Related : Dozens of premium Android apps go on sale every single day. I messed with it for a few hours for a couple of days and then eventually gave up on the project. Recently I tried to set something up on my LG G3 in hopes that I could get it like the LG G4 and its camera application shortcut long-pressing the Volume Down button to launch the camera and immediately take a photo. I tried setting something up like this and actually had the Tasker application take a photo itself.

    The quality of those photos were incredibly poor and it just made me abandon that project as well. During my research for that project though, I came across a couple of applications that seemed like I could replicate that LG G4 functionality and one of these apps is called MacroDroid.

    MacroDroid is like tasker, but with a nicer user interface and is much, much easier to learn. MacroDroid is free but it is somewhat limited in its functionality. Launching the settings page will show a huge list of various options that you can set.

    You can read through the settings from these second two screenshots here but they are straight forward things that you can set. There are three sections here: Triggers, Actions and Constraints. Triggers are things that, you guessed it, trigger an action that is set to happen. The action in this example would be to enable GPS.

    Constraints add an additional rule to the macro. For instance, I could set a constraint for this macro to only happen on Monday through Friday. So here we have a list of all the Triggers that you can choose from when creating your very own macros. Remember, Triggers are the first thing that the phone looks out for when figuring out what action needs to be taken.

    I highly suggest going through these screenshots and looking at all of the triggers that you can set. For example, you could have it so that an action is taken like airplane mode activated when the Battery Level reaches a certain amount. Or you could have it so that an action is taken like WiFi being disabled when you disconnect from WiFi. Maybe you want an application to launch when your device first boots up. Maybe you want the phone to take a photo when there is a failed login attempt on your device.

    There are so many possibilities and I will talk about a few that I have set up a little bit later. Really, go through all of these triggers to see just how powerful the application is.

    macrodroid ideas

    I was surprised at just how many thing were listed here since I was assuming it would be much weaker than Tasker. I was definitely wrong. As you can see, we have a lot more actions to choose from than the number of triggers we have available to us.I love that I could use macro to turn on the talk back skill that can read all of the text on my phone! I like to help! Edit: There was a bug. Go figure Updated file, picture, and instructions.

    If you want to get more sophisticated you could start a stopwatch and then have another macro that triggers when this hits 1 minute. I would like to see different device movement options other than exclusively shake.

    Great to see all the enthusiastic responses to this Challenge! I am looking forward to trying them all out over the weekend. Special thanks to MacroDroidDev for developing this cool app and offering useful tips in this thread for the benefit of members! Since Google Assistant can do this, it would be great if there was a way to send a text command to Google Assistant.

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    I just called to give you two free all-expenses-paid weekend trips to see the Super Bowl in Hotlanta. My call was rejected. Just a reminder that this challenge ends on January 6! Thanks to everyone who participated! Here are our top five automations earning prizes, based on the number of likes received as of this morning…. Thank you, to MacroDroidDev for your participation and approval of this Challenge! Thanks for running this challenge! It was great to hear about such a powerful but straightforward app and see some of the ideas people have for using it.

    Thank you for the challenge, it was a great way to learn about MacroDroid! It was a blast! Thanks for the nice prize package! Help Help Center Activation Wizard. The simplest way is to add a wait before next of 1 minute followed by a torch off action. On Thursdays, I talk with my brother, so it automatically places the call to him. Time to give out some prizes! Here are our top five automations earning prizes, based on the number of likes received as of this morning… 8 likes each klifr with an automation to turn on the flashlight with a shake chandlerm.

    macrodroid ideas

    Message an Expert customer.Most of us use social media as a way of finding cool stuff to read on the web. On the desktop, you can open links in their own background tab, queueing up several pages to read when you are ready. In mobile apps you need to open and read one link at a time. Flynx solves that problem. The app intercepts links and loads them in the background. With a Pocket-style save for later feature, Flynx is a revolutionary way of browsing on mobile devices.

    Notif is a twist on the to-do list app, which you use to make lists, reminders, voice notes, and more, and set them as actionable notifications. The icon for each notification, placed permanently in the status bar, serves as a kind of digital knot in the handkerchief that constantly reminds you of the jobs you need to complete. Take the pain out of the common tasks you perform every day by turning them into macros, a series of commands that happen automatically.

    But Tasker has an incredibly steep learning curve, and MacroDroid is an app you can install and start using instantly. The app needs you to configure as few as two settings — just an action that will be prompted by a trigger. So, plugging in your headphones could be the trigger, and the corresponding actions could be the automatic launch of the Spotify app and adjustment of the volume level. Or you could have your phone switch to Airplane Mode the action at night the trigger.

    You can add optional constraints to fine-tune the conditions under which your macro can run. This gives the app even more power, and your macros can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be. If MacroDroid is perfect for on-device automation, then IF does the same for web services. The possibilities are almost endless. Widgets are awesome, but they have their limitations.

    You can only place them on the homescreen, and you can only access them when your homescreen is visible. Tap the bubble and your chosen widgets will open. Want to control your music while typing in a document? No problem.

    Check the sports scores while playing a fullscreen game?

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    A larger display is great for things like gaming and video consumption, but it makes one-handed control of your phone almost impossible. Pie Control addresses this fact by placing a pie-shaped control panel at the bottom corner or edge of your screen. It contains buttons for common interface controls, as well as a configurable panel of app icons.Rahul Gupta is the founder of CrunchyTricks.

    Contact Him Here. Post a comment. The content is strictly copyrighted to the Admin and may not be reproduced without permission. Sunday, 7 April Well, Android is known for its versatility and personalization. But the reason why Android stands out is due to Automation.

    And when we think of automation, there is one and only expert - that is the Tasker. What is Tasker?

    10 Android Customization Ideas To Tweak Your Smartphone

    Tasker is one of the most popularly used Android apps that perform automation based on condition triggered tasks. If you're a naive user and do not know much about its functionality, then all you need to do is check out for some Tasker profiles and third-party plugins. Tasker is definitely not a piece of cake as you need to put a lot of effort to master it. Although Tasker has tremendous potential for automation related tasks, it isn't easy. You have to do a lot of learning to know it's mechanism properly.

    But if you are a user who is just looking out for some simple profiles, then you're good to go. Top 5 Tasker Alternatives Whatever it is, we focus on your needs and therefore we have come up with tasker alternatives that offer similar functionality as that of a Tasker and are much easier to use.

    These Tasker alternatives could be utilized smoothly even by a beginner. Automate Automate implements automation tasks using a unique approach - that is the flowchart approach.

    The concept is straightforward. You have a grid and your task is to choose different blocks of predetermined class and connect these blocks over the grid. You can also reposition these blocks as per your wish by simple drag and drop mechanism.Participate for fun prizes and show us what you can do with MacroDroid and a little creativity!

    MacroDroid is the easiest way to automate your daily tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. Via the smart user interface MacroDroid offers a simple solution to make automated tasks on your device in just a few taps.

    MacroDroid helps you by automating the activities you did manually before, and customize them in a way you want it to work for you. Now we want to see what you can do with MacroDroid. If you have any questions, just ask, and someone will help you! One entry per person! These Products are provided by third-parties and not Republic Wireless.

    You agree and understand that Republic Wireless is not responsible for the content, operation, or anything else related to the Products and that your use of the Products is at your own risk and you agree to hold Republic Wireless harmless. I decided to do something simple. My macro is for the camera to take a photo of the person who unlocks the phone. Then to send the photo by email to me:. Macro Smile.

    For those that want to give it a-go … you might want to take a look at the existing Template Store for some inspiration. Unfortunately, some of the more useful and interesting that are possible, including some of the cool templates that are available with the app, require root access. It is true that a few features require root access, but this is only where Android limitations mean the feature cannot be implemented any other way.

    Here is my version of the Where are You macro. It requires no root as it assumes that Location is always on, and as any true RW user knows, battery saver usage is the devil. If changing the macro, you would see the check mark. You may want to fiddle with the LUX value for best effect. And you might want to add a way to turn it off, too. I created a simple speed-dial macro for my entry.

    10 Best Tasker Alternatives for Android Automation

    I often find myself having to call a certain person when running errands, or picking things up from a store because heaven help me if I pick up the wrong thing! Macrodroid Screenshot. Thank you, MacroDroid!

    On my Moto X Pure, after toggling Airplane Mode off, the display screen switches from my preferred sleep after 30 minutes to the default sleep after 15 seconds annoying! This simple macro restores the setting to 30 minutes. I like MacroDroid very much. Just know that you can have some fun with it. I love this! Here is a macro you can use to test visually if MacroDroid is working.

    Then, lock your phone, and turn it faced down. I have a Republic Wireless Moto X4. I figure MacroDroid should work with all Republic phones. Am I doing something wrong? I gave it a try on my X Pure, and it works fine. His fix should get you going. The triggers are disabled when the screen is off by default to conserve battery.


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